Fire engine tour

Today was the best day in San Francisco so far. But it didn’t seem that way at the beginning.Mama needed to post a letter to a Bloomington buddy, so we walked to the nearest post office. In doing so, we had to walk through an area known at The Tenderloin. That may sound delicious, but it really wasn’t!There were homeless folks of different races people and some of them were still sleeping on the streets. Some were in wheelchairs and other had missing limbs or digits. This was not the San Francisco I signed up for!I pointed out to my folks that something was “stinky” and they quickly told me off. I did not realise that some people could not even afford to bathe regularly.But on to better things. After a spot of shopping (ka-ching!) and lunch at a small cafe (burp!), it was time for me to go on a fire engine tour (yay!).I had a blast! I got to wear a fireman’s jacket and helmet and got to ride in a small fire engine. We sang songs and the nice tour guides drove us around and told stories. Best of all, mama bought me a souvenir fire engine.Check out the photos.Little Fireman Isaac


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