Sweet deal

It was that time of the month for me again. I was hot and bothered. I was uncomfortable. And I there was a chance I might bleed. Yes, I visited the barber again.Actually, I don’t mind visiting the barber because I sit very still and any bothersome hairs get trimmed. It’s a weight off my shoulders!I noticed that the Malay barbershop had new employees. The barber boss had hired an Indian barber who was attending to a customer on my left. A China-Chinese barber cut my hair. It’s a good thing that he didn’t give me a rice bowl haircut!But I still prefer the Malay barbers because they like to talk. One even gave me three sweets when I was done and I gave him a big “Thank you!” in return.I am looking forward to my next haircut. I hope that the barber has chocolates!Little Lighter Isaac


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