Funny food

It doesn’t take a lot to set me off. If something tickles my funny bone, I will laugh and laugh and laugh.It doesn’t take a lot to set my parents off either. They might hear something on the radio or see something on the road and they will remember something off tangent. So don’t ask me how, but the topic of interest about a week ago was Charlie Chickadee.My folks talked about it like an old friend. I just thought that Charlie Chickadee sounded really funny and laughed myself silly. Papa says that we had to look for and then glue back my butt because I had laughed it off.Today, I found out that Chickadee was a crunchy snack! Mmm, funny and yummy! Unfortunately, I only helped to devour half a packet. Papa had started eating the first half to get reacquainted with his old friend. Mama also offered to help me eat the second half because she didn’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner.Yeah, right.I wonder which of my folks’ old friends we will eat next…Little Snacker Isaac 


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