Not both

Sometimes we watch TV on papa’s laptop while we have dinner. Don’t ask me why we don’t watch the normal TV. All I can say is that it is better than being asked how my day was. Most of my days are not very interesting!Anyway, papa and mama decided to watch a recorded version of the Oscars some days ago. Thank goodness it was recorded because it was boring! We could zip through the really boring bits and watch the mildly interesting ones.One bit that caught my eye was of a couple rolling around on a beach. My folks told me that it was a classic scene from From Here to Eternity. My response to the scene was: Eee-yer!Why are they naked and swimming and kissing? When papa told me that they had swimming costumes on, I still wanted to know why they were swimming and kissing at the same time. You can swim or you can kiss. Which one? You cannot do both at the same time!For some reason, my folks thought that I was funny. I was serious! They weren’t swimming very well, and with the way the waves were crashing on them, they might kiss their costumes goodbye!Little Black-or-White Isaac


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