Hoppy help

I have been conditioned into not making demands. For example, if we are in a toy store, I cannot say that I want this or I want that. If I do, I will be reminded that I cannot always have what I want or that my folks are not made out of money or that they just bought me something.Phooey!But I thought of a way to hint strongly to my folks. I tell them about Hoppy. (For those of you who don’t know, Hoppy is my kangaroo friend. My folks say that he is imaginary, but to me he is as real as you or I.)I tell them how Hoppy has this new toy or how his mama bought him a new game. Papa wants to know if Hoppy’s mama has a magic pouch that produces new toys and books and games and other stuff. Wow, wouldn’t that be cool?I think they get the hint. But I also think I shouldn’t mention Hoppy too much. Someone might call the authorities and ask about runaway kangaroos. Or they might wonder about all that roo poo…Little Roo Isaac 


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