I associate certain things with certain places.For example, playing with a piano and building sandcastles is something I do at grandma’s and grandpa’s place. Drinking soya bean milk and getting heaps of M&M’s is something that happens at Ah Gong and Ah Ma’s place.And eating prawn crackers is what I do after visiting Carrefour. Yes, we visit that store about once a month and buy a boatload of stuff. We park in an animal-themed lot and I get to ride in a proper “US-sized” shopping cart. Before we check out our stuff, we make a pit-stop at the munchies aisle. I must get my packet of Calbee Prawn Crackers.I “cuddle” the packet like a teddy bear as we wander about. When it is safe to eat, I rip into the packet and eat its crispy innards! Crunch, crunch, crunch!Little Cracker Isaac 


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