Big boy ploy

I know that mama is using the “big boy” ploy on me, but I can’t resist…Ever since I said I wanted to reach a certain height on my Thomas “height measuring thingy that sticks to my wall”, my folks have been encouraging me to behave like a big boy.This means not crying unnecessarily, helping put out the cutlery, carrying my own bag, switching off unused electricals, putting things away, and wiping my own butt. I do all the above except wiping off the evil that escapes from my butt. I have limits, you know!I also have to learn the consequences of being naughty. Yesterday I banged a Wiimote on the dining room table even after I was told to stay in the living room. As a result, I have been given a one-day Wii ban. Man, parents know how to take the fun out of growing up!Fortunately, I am still little enough for comforting cuddles. Come make an Isaac sandwich, mama and papa!Still Little Isaac


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