I have a deeper understanding of why it’s called the “Wii”. It’s not just because you go “Whee!” when you play it. It’s not just because “we” play it together.I am almost embarrassed to tell you this, but I learned not too long ago that the Wii can also make you wee! I was so engrossed in a Wii Sports game that I ignored the call of nature.Nature hinted. It poked and prodded. Then it finally let out a loud roar that caught me by surprise. Before I knew it, my underwear was wet and I was standing in a puddle of my piddle. Boy, did my parents roar too!But I learned my lesson. When nature called while I was playing yesterday, I ran to the bathroom, Wiimote still attached to my wrist, and I let nature take its course. Oui, relief!Now, would anyone like to guess which Wiimote I had on while I wee-ed?Wii Little Isaac


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