Dinner 1

Today was an eventful day. I had to perform in front of an audience and then attend a big dinner.My Nursery 2 class performed a Lunar New Year song for our parents. Mama said that I had stage fright because I just looked at them and did not sing and move very much. Hey, at least I stayed on stage instead of crying like a few others! And I sang along when the K2 class did their bit… their song was more fun than ours!Then we had dinner at home before going out for dinner with mama’s side of the family. We had to have a pre-dinner because the family dinner was late. Next year can we dispense with the formalities and just distribute the hongbaos?We host another dinner tomorrow, this time with papa’s side of the family. I don’t think that I will mind this one as much because we will be at home. The best part is that I can challenge our visitors to a Wii Sports game or two!Care to bet some hongbao money, anyone?Little Bookie Isaac


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