Peer pressure

School sucks sometimes. Why? Because I cannot really be myself…I can’t be myself because the other kids watch me. Then they judge me!Some time ago, I was clearing my dish when I accidentally dropped some food. My peers peered over me and a few made disapproving sounds (Orrrr!). I already felt so bad and was about to get upset when my teacher told me that it was OK. It was an accident. Yes, it was! But my peers did not make it easy on me!I have not dropped anything since, but there are some things that I cannot avoid. For example, mama will ask for a hug and kiss every time she drops me off. Mama or papa will also get a hug when they pick me up. One of my “friends” teased me about it. Fortunately, one of my teachers told him off!Boogers to those who try to apply social pressure on me! Hopefully those flying boogers are dinosaur-sized so that they put a different kind on pressure on them when they land! Heh-heh!Little Pissed-Off Isaac 


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