Sydney days 3-5

Papa says that vacations aren’t really for resting. They are for getting tired in another country instead. I can relate! We seem to be constantly on the move! So here is a late update on what I experienced the last few days.Day 3 was monorail day! I spent part of the day on the monorail and at the aquarium with my grandparents. My folks took the monorail to get some shopping done. At night, we took the monorail to take part in a pre-wedding dinner.Day 4 was recovering from the dinner. I spent most of it with my folks at Darling Harbour. I enjoyed a ride on the carousel and loved the huge playground there!Day 5 was spent getting ready to attend Auntie Jo’s and Uncle Al’s wedding (see previous entry). I took it slow by enjoying a swim at the pool downstairs. Yes, downstairs on the 15th level. We stay on the 52nd level… and I love the view at the top!Tomorrow is our last full day and I wonder what is in store. Literally IN STORE! I heard mama and papa saying that some toys are actually cheaper here than back home. I might hang out with my grandparents while my folks get me more stuff… heh-heh!Little Man Isaac


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